Idea Spark

Handy tool that will
help you discover ideas

Start your next big app idea with confidence


Idea Spark app is the perfect tool to find new app ideas and validate them in a very simple way.


Set your most important indicators that will be used to validate an idea.


Ideas can come from anywhere, so be prepared and jot them down effortlessly.


After you find your ideas, start validating them.

Start building

Start building only the ideas that pass the filters.


Validating an app idea using various indicators before development mitigates risks, gauges demand, incorporates user feedback, and enhances the app's potential for success.

Clear indicators

Clarify what are the main indicators that should be used in order to validate your ideas.


Whenever you are hit with a new and interesting idea, just save it into the app. Later you will work on it.


Research phase has come, now you just need to filter the ideas based on your indicators.

Start building

See which app ideas pass the validation, focus only on those and don't waste time with the other ones.


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I like the app because it is very easy to use and I can validate my app ideas fast.

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