Idea Spark

Handy tool that will
help solopreneurs discover ideas

Avoid wasting time on bad ideas & start focus on the ones that matter


Idea Spark app is the perfect tool to find and validate new app ideas in a very simple way.


Ideas can come from anywhere, so be prepared and save them effortlessly.


Use a smart validation system to differentiate between bad and good ideas.


Start building only the ideas that matter. Ignore the bad ones


Ship fast, fail fast. Set goals with clear deadlines and get quick results.


Saving time & resources by validating app ideas beforehand using a smart system with clear indicators.

Avoid losing ideas

Whenever you are hit with a new and interesting idea, just save it into the app.

Gain clarity

Brainstorm and think about your ideas. Describe them as well as you can in order to have a full overview.

Extract the best ideas

Research and find the best ideas using a smart validation system with clear indicators.

Ship fast, fail fast

Choose the best idea and set your goals with clear deadlines. Try to reach them within the time frame and achieve success.


Find out what other people think about Idea Spark


Easy to use and very intuitive. It's my go-to when it comes to pre-validate my ideas.


It helps to keep track of my ideas and validate them quickly without losing too much time.


I used a simple note app for saving ideas but I like this more because it has an interesting validation system.

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